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Re: Use Visual RF in AirWave to generate actual (Real Data) Site Survey Heat Map



Yes. VisualRF tool in Airwave can be used to generate Real data site survey Heatmap. 

Steps --

1. Add Deployed Controllers and AP's into Airwave for which you want to do site survey

2. Add your Campus,Building,floorplans(Images of your campus floorplans) in Visualrf

3. When you navigate to Floorplan, Click on Edit to add deployed devices onto floorplan for which you want to do site survey Heatmap

 Add Deployed Devices.pngAdd deployed Devices2.png

4. Now click on View of Floorplan and you will see Overlays options for Heatmap.


5. Click on heatmap and you can toggle for different options under heatmap like signalcutoff, Frequencies, Floorplans. ALso Heatmaps available to view in Grid style too.


Hope this helps. Let us know if you find any issues.






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