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Reduce Rogue APs in Airwave

We are a higher ed institution. We have a MM/MD setup and we use Airwave for monitoring only. Airwave RAPIDS comes in handy detecting when students try to hook up their own wireless. But I get far too many rogue detections.


One main place I am having issues is due to the fact we rent a few multi-use apartment buildings that have some CAPs in them but all the student apartments have ISP provided wifi. Therefore I have dozens of Rogues getting detected per day. Is there a way to filter out rogues detected by specific CAP groups? Any other suggestions on limiting rogues being detected?


Re: Reduce Rogue APs in Airwave

Are we using the default Rogue classification rule? If so we can edit the rule to set more conditions to have it filtered. For example, you can specific set of mac/vendor in the list to get it filtered 

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Re: Reduce Rogue APs in Airwave

RAPIDS > Setup page has few option to  ignore Rogue devices by signal strength, Ignore Adhoc Rogues, ignore Rogues detected by RAP's Ignore Events from VLAN(s) If the Res building fall in to certain VLAN. This would be helpful.


However, ignoring Rogues discovered by certain group/folder of AP's will be a feature request on Airwave.

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