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Removing Device From Airwave Database

I have a situation where I have two  access points in the database with the same MAC address. The problem is one AP is sort of like a ghost (non existent) and the other is valid. When I add the valid AP to a group or location the ghost shows upi nad starts send out alerts that it rebooted.Is there a way to go into the CLI and force the ghost out of the Airwave database. Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Removing Device From Airwave Database

From the SSH prompt, try this:


# dbc "Delete from ap where lan_mac = '00:1A:1E:CB:16:8C';"


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Re: Removing Device From Airwave Database

I do advise opening a support case for this event.  This is the first time I'm hearing of such an issue, so it'd be good if support can help collect extra logs and such that might help determine root cause.


If you absolutely want to skip that step, make sure to also do the following:

Be sure to grab a backup from before you perform the delete operation.  It's also worth it to do a select statement (prior to deletion) to see how many entries in the database have that mac address.  Delete operations that have been committed directly to the database don't leave room for root cause analysis or future recovery (direct database manipulation should be seen as a last resort - especially since deletes do not always clean out reference keys in the database).

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