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Rename IAPs managed by a template in Airwave

Hello all,


I'm super new to Aruba and as one of my first things to do has been something pretty simple (at first). Putting IAPs in Airwave, renaming them and making a heat map.


I have them all in Airwave and online, the heatmap is created and I can see clients on them... But I can't rename them! They are manged by a template (which I cannot change) and they are in monitor and firmware upgrade only mode.


I modified the APs in the AP/Devices tab to have their proper names but I get a mismatched config notice and the config shows actual (currently MAC address) and desired AP name. 

Hopefully someone has been in this situation before and can point me in the right direction! Thanks!


The most important thing is that I don't cause them to reboot.

Re: Rename IAPs managed by a template in Airwave

Hi Joshua,


The APs are showing mismatch because the name change you made on Airwave is not been updated on the AP itself as the APs are in monitor only mode on Airwave.


In the mismatch page what we see as actual is the actual config on AP and what we see as desired is the new config made on Airwave.


So, if you wish to push this new name to AP and resolve mismatch, you can either put the AP in manage mode on Airwave and push this config or update the same name on the actual AP itself by logging into the controller, then do a audit back in Airwave.

Let me know if you have any further queries.

Thank you.


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Re: Rename IAPs managed by a template in Airwave

Vishnu is correct, and I'll add that the rename and change to managed will not cause the iAP to reboot. 9assuming that there aren't other mismatches which might - although I can't think of any)


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