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Reports -- I would like report on a single AP or a group of APs

Hi, I am trying to run a report on number of clients and bandwidth used against a single AP, and then the floor of APs to give to a users. Any help appreciated.  Thanks, Jadexing


Re: Reports- I would like report on a singl AP or a group of APs

For single AP ->

Go to AP/Devices list -> drill down to folder that has the AP in it (don't drill to the AP itself) -> on the list table, click the Pencil icon on the top right -> check the checkbox next to the AP -> at the top, choose the option to run report -> then select either an existing report definition to use as a template, or create a new report definition.


For multiple APs ->

rinse and repeat the above steps, but make sure the list view includes all the APs.  You might try customizing the list view to include 'Floor' to show which APs are on which floor plan to make it easier.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: Reports- I would like report on a singl AP or a group of APs

Thanks for the help and response. I did what you said. I needed to create the subfolder (a floor in my case). I also needed to click "All APs--> subfolder --> subfolder. For my case "All APs--> Campus Springfield --> ACME building --> ACME-5th Floor."
I then also needed to "Device Search Filter" on ACME-5
It then pulled everything with that headder.

Thanks again for your help. Good direction goes a long way. 

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