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SNMPv3 Help.....



I'm new to Aruba switches and learning along the way.

Most of our infrstructure is Cisco but we have decided to try Aruba switches as an alternative.


I wish to set up SNMPv3 on our Aruba switches with Solarwinds being our NMS. But seem to be struggling.


Could someone provide me with some help.


Hear is an example config I have used:


snmpv3 enable

snmpv3 user test_user auth md5 xxxxxxx priv aes xxxxxxxx

snmpv3 group managerpriv user test_user sec-model ver3

snmpv3 targetaddress "Solarwinds" params "Solarwinds" 192.x.x.x

(not sure if the above command is correct)


All user name and accounts are configured correctly on solarwinds and work as it is the same config that works with our Ciscos.


When I run network discovery on solarwinds the switch is not discovered but it is reachable.


What config am I missing ? Could someone walk me thorugh please ?





Re: SNMPv3 Help.....

I just added an Aruba switch to my Solarwinds server. Had to use Auth-SHA only:

snmpv3 group managerauth user "solarwinds" sec-model ver3
snmpv3 user "solarwinds" auth sha <redacted>

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