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Scanning Network for new AP:s. "Note"


Im quite new to Aruba and have been tasked with managing a quite big network consisting of 2 controller (Master + Local) and a Airwave.

I seem to be missing a few of the newer AP:s in the Airwave. So I was going to run a network scan in the discover menu so I could add these new AP:s to our monitoring and maps in Airwave.

However, there is one "note" that I have some issues with. It says: "Note: The IP address for authorized devices may be overwritten as part of a scan".

Can someone please explain to me what this means? How can a scan overwrite an IP address of a device? I have arround 10 new 315 accesspoints I want to add to the airwave but I dont want to break any kind of configuration running this scan.

Airwave version is 8.2. Controller versions are 6.5.

Thank you.

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Re: Scanning Network for new AP:s. "Note"

If you are monitoring a controller with access points connected with Airwave, Airwave discovers new access points by polling the controller via SNMP, which happens automatically.  You should not have to do a scan.  Where those new access points turn up depend on the setting under AMP Setup> General> Automatic Authorization> Add new Thin APs Location.

If that setting is "New Device List", the access points you added should be in the new device list and would need to be moved to a folder to be monitored.  Otherwise those new devices would be automatically moved based on whatever setting it has.

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Re: Scanning Network for new AP:s. "Note"

Hi ,


I understand that you have master/local controller setup, if you add master to airwave , it will automatically discover local controller and AP assoicated to those controllers in New Device list.


If any new AP is been added to controller it will auto discover in new device list.


If  APs are getting DHCP IP  and after scan if it have new IP then it will override with new IP.

Pavan Arshewar | ACCP

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NOTE: Answers and views expressed by me on this forum are my own and not necessarily the position of Aruba or Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
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Re: Scanning Network for new AP:s. "Note"

Thank you for the reply.

The "New device list" is empty im afraid.

3 days ago we connected a new school to our network with 13 new AP:s. Most of these are now in the Airwave, but only the older models. The 305 and 205 are visible in the airwave, but there are a number of 315 AP:s that dont transfer to the airwave. In the local controller they all show like normal, but the 315 are nowhere to be seen in the Airwave. Is there something I should do to make them visible in the Airwave? We have a number of other 315:s in the Airwave but for some reasson these few from this school dont appear. 

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