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Search on IP in Airwave


I am tryign to look for a IP address history in the Airwave. It seems like the "Clients" section does not have an option to search based on IP. I am probably missing something as there should be an easy option to search based on IP. 

Is it possible to add IP address feild in the "Connected Clients" and "All Clients "?

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Re: Search on IP in Airwave

In the search box at the top right, you can enter an IP address and hit

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Re: Search on IP in Airwave

I have tried that and it does not work. It gives a list of non-relevant user information of clients and it did not have any information regarding the IP I was searching for. The only way I could then search was to get the client MAC address from DHCP server. When I searched for the MAC address I found the client. 


Re: Search on IP in Airwave

What version of AirWave are you running?  This sounds like an issue with the search engine.  Please open a TAC case so that we can further investigate the behavior.  We have a similar defect pending: DE22347 which you can probably mention to TAC when they do their investigation.



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