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Setup DHCP forwarder on Aruba Switch for PXE boot

Today I setup a FOG boot server for imaging. The last steps are to setup a DHCP forwarder (our Aruba switch is DHCP server) to recognize PXE booting requests then forward the requests to the imaging server. Is there a way to do this via gui or CLI? Still somewhat new to Aruba so any guidance is appreciated. 


Switch is Aruba J9850A

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Re: Setup DHCP forwarder on Aruba Switch for PXE boot

For PXE boot to work, you need to add specific attributes in your DHCP responses so that a client can find the PXE server. So if your PXE server comes with a DHCP server, either configure ip-helper/dhcp-relay to the PXE server or another DHCP sercer, or add the required PXE attributes to your existing server on the switch. It really depends on your preference which is the better option. There is no selective forward/relay for DHCP.

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