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Some 205 AP's giving out APIPA Addresses

Starting last Thursday 5 or 6 or our largers sites (30-60 205 aps and 800-1000 clients) started randomply giving out APIPA addresses.  These sites have been up for about 9 months with no issues.  Rebooting the AP's fixes the issues for a few days then it starts up again.


I have Airwave set up running with about 900 aps and they are all running  The smaller sites with 10-20 aps have had no issues so far.  


We have 2 vlans that they get dhcp from a dhcp server onsite at each location and there is lots of IP's available in the pool.


I read about this a few times on various foumns but no one ever posts a fix so i am at a loss.


Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.

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