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Spectrum info in Airwave 7.7.3




I'd like to ask your advice about the spectrum analyzer mode in the Aruba Instant AP:


I have some AP-105 deployed in our sites. I was able to put them in "Hybrid"  spectrum monitor analyzer and then see the data directly on the AP.

What is not clear to me is how to analyze the data when I change the AP mode to full "Spectrum Monitor". I'm able to do it on the AP, but then, how can I access the data collected from the AP?


I tried to look in AMP (version 7.7.3), but I'm not able to find them. I saw some documents stating to find "Quick link" field and then follow the "Spectrum Analysis" option, but I'm not able to find this.


Hints or suggestion?


Thanks a lot for your help.



Re: Spectrum info in Airwave 7.7.3

There isn't a UI view for Spectrum analysis like in our controllers in Airwave.  The goal is to alert, show, track, and display WHAT the interference source is, where it's coming from, and how much of the channel's duty cycle is chewed up.  


If you look in the RF health report OR you look at the AP radio detail screens themselves, you will see this data.

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Re: Spectrum info in Airwave 7.7.3

The User Guide section on Spectrum Analysis shows the steps for creating the spectrum analysis profile entries.  The section expects that you are managing devices from AirWave and walks through how to configure spectrum analysis from AMP to push to your APs/controllers.


Like Seth said, there's no UI for spectrum analysis in AirWave.  In addition to the RF health report and AP radio details, you can take advantage of:

- client health (gotten from AMON data when 'prefer AMON  SNMP' is enabled) - visible through RF Performance, client diagnostics, and VisualRF health overlay

- RF Capacity (drill down on the radios that have peak channel utilization to see another graph showing the channel traffic (busy, interference, receiving, transmitting)



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Re: Spectrum info in Airwave 7.7.3


Thanks a lot for your answers!


Best regards

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