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Switch Template Mismatch

I have two switch templates that are reporting as mismatched after I changed a port from vlan 1 to another.  I updated the templates by fetching the config directly from the switches. 


The port is listed in its new vlan as untagged in the updated template, but the config is still reporting as mismatched from this line of the template:  untagged %vlan_1_untag_command%


I updated the template with the untagged ports of vlan 1 hard coded, ran the audit and received the "Good" configuration.  Switched back to using the vlan_1_untag_command variable and it is "Mismatched" again.


I also restarted the server and double checked that the switches run and startup paramaters are the same, but to no avail.  Airwave server is


Any ideas how to get the template variable to update?





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