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Switch monitoring features in AirWave 8.2.7

Just upgraded AirWave to 8.2.7. Looking in the release notes, it looks like there are some pretty nice new features for switch monitoring; however, after the upgrade, I don't think I'm seeing the tabs I should see in order to access some of these features. I notice in the release notes that the examples tend to use HP-2920 switches to illustrate the functions - does this mean that these features aren't supported on Aruba MASs, which is what we mostly have?

Re: Switch monitoring features in AirWave 8.2.7

Aruba's focus going forward is solely on the ArubaOS-Switch platform, since MAS has been put End of Sales by the end of 2016.


There might be specific improvements based on customer feedback, if qualfied by PLM but the general improvements in terms of switch monitoring & management will be for the AOS-Switch platforms only.

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