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Technical Webinar- Introduction to AirWave 10

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Hello, Airheads, 


Adding this post here to share the content of the Airheads Technical Webinar we delivered on Tuesday, July 31st on Introduction to AirWave 10. For those who could not attend the session please find below:


Webinar Recording:


 - Webinar Slides:



Please note that you can find additional on-demand technical webinars on our Airheads webinar repository page.


As well, the webinar calendar up to December 2018 is available here


Please feel free to leave any additional comments and questions you may have below. We will make sure to answer them as soon as possible.


Re: Technical Webinar- Introduction to AirWave 10

Introduction to AirWave 10_ Q&A


Q1. Comware switches supported, is this version5 or version7 or both. Will the new CX Switches be supported in Airwave 10?

A1. Currently we support Aruba branded HPE switches. In the long run we are going to integrate it in Comware switches as well.


Q2. AirWave 10 will add more access to cli?

A2. You can always contact TAC if there is any requirement to add custom commands to CLI. If the use case is necessary and feasibility is simple, we could push it to Engineering through Account's Team.


Q3. What is the protocol which is used for communicating with the devices (Switches and APs)  with AirWave 10 (SNMP ?)

A3. For Switches - SNMP and for AP [Controller] - SNMP/AMON


Q4. Is there already a timeline for us, when we can expect which feature?

A4.  In first release will are going to support all the Aruba branded devices. Multi-vendor support is on pipe line and we can expect more update from PLM/Account team about other vendor supported device.


Q5. How long will the airwave 8 be supported? Are major improvements or new features to be expected?

A5. AirWave 8.2, there is no end of support/life as of now. It would be determined based on the AirWave 10 release.


Q6. Is there a beta program for partners for AirWave 10 or AirWave 8.2.7?

A6. As of now, we don’t have any beta program. However, we would encourage you to contact Account's Team to get more information.


Q7. As I know Aruba central supports only IAP not AP with only Aruba switches. For AW10 Cloud version will it support all types of aps and switches?

A7. The support for Controllers and Campus APs is in Aruba Central Engineering's to do list. I would expect the same in AirWave 10 too


Q8. Will version 10 support config management of Comware switches, especially config backups?

A8. Comware does not come under Aruba branded, but it would be in the long run. Basic template configuration management would be supported.


Q9. Multi vendor support in AW was a huge selling feature and made it our trojan horse when winning new clients. Is there a plan to make AW10 multi vendor capable?

A9. Mulit-vendor support is in road map. Please have a word with Aruba Sales or System Engineer


Q10. `Just a question, will then Airwave 10 replace the Mobility Master as separate product?

A10. No. as of now AirWave 10 and MM will be act as a separate product.


Q11. Will there be APIs similar to Central for configuration through template groups?

A11. Yes, it would be enhanced to support AirWave 10


Q12. Multitenancy support for AMP 10?

A12. Yes, it is called clustering


Q13. the required resources seems to be exorbitant.

A13. Yes, I agree but the data flow is considerably high, we are adapting to the change


Q14. Are there additional licenses necessary for clustering with AW10?

A14. No


Q15. Will there be support for SFLOW in AW10?

A15. Feature Request as of now, feel free to file once AirWave 10 release


Q16. What is the planned date for first customer shipment of AW10?

A16. Currently, we don’t have ETA. However, please get in touch with Aruba Sales Team.


Q17. Will clustering become mandatory with AW10 on premise solution?

A17. No, we can run it on a single box. But support would be for 4000 devices only.


Q18. what date for the first release AMP v10 ?

A18. Currently, we don’t have ETA. However, please get in touch with Aruba Sales Team.


Q19. Will the new CX Switches be supported in AirWave 10?

A19. AirWave 10 is still in development state. We are trying to support Aruba HPE switches as well


Q20. Will it have support for Hyper-X (Windows VM)

A20. No, I guess it would be better to run in hardware, the performance will be impeccable


Q21. Are multiple customers (MSP Portal) possible

A21. It should be, let us wait for some time more


Q22. what are the main differences between central and AMP10

A22. Nothing much, cloud and on-premise, that is all.


Q23. How will the troubleshooting possibilities look like in AMP10?

A23. AMP10 still in development state. This session is about a quick introduction to AMP 10. Product management team will take a detailed Webinar about how the product works and how to troubleshoot.


Q24. If AMP 10 can also be cloud deployed, what is the difference to Central?

A24. we will get More additional features in AMP 10


Q25. Is AMP 10 planned as multi-tenancy platform in the future?

A25. Mulit-vendor support is in road map. Please have a word with Aruba Sales or System Engineer

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Re: Technical Webinar- Introduction to AirWave 10



I don't understant what is the difference between AW 10 cloud and on-premise deployment ? both must be deployed in our own server right ? so what is the difference ? 



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Re: Technical Webinar- Introduction to AirWave 10



On premise deployment is you can deploy Airwave 10 on your own servers like current Airwave 8.x setup but Airwave 10 cloud is like Aruba central which is installed on cloud.


Few list of cloud service proivders in market.


  • #1) Amazon Web Service (AWS)
  • #2) Microsoft Azure.
  • #3) Google Cloud Platform.
  • #4) Adobe.
  • #5) VMware.
  • #6) IBM Cloud.
  • #7) Rackspace.
  • #8) Red Hat.

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Re: Technical Webinar- Introduction to AirWave 10

any update?


Re: Technical Webinar- Introduction to AirWave 10

AirWave 10, now called as Central on-premise is slated for Fall 2020 for GA release. Central on-prem is appliance based only currently.  I would suggest to check with Aruba accounts team on the scaling and progress of Central on-prem or Central on cloud.

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