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Technical information about AirWave

Hi all,


I'm studying the possibility to integrate Aruba AirWave inside our platform that consists mainly to manage and monitoring customer network devices and alarms from the network.


Particularly we would like integrate AirWave to monitor WiFi devices in the network. So in order to create this integration I need to know the following information if possible:


- what are the methods used by airwave to keep in charge network devices: based on my experience, I think this could be done through Web Service method, or through XML API, or something else.


- where the alarms are visualized and what fields are filled: these information are needed in order to define the forwarding to our platform.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Technical information about AirWave

See the Home > Documentation page on your AirWave installation for the XML API documentation and the SNMP Trap MIB. 

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