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Template for switches

I am working on creating a template for my officeconnect 1920 swtiches so i can add them into airwave.  I am adding them in manually and then edit the setting the IP/SM/Mask setting in the node.  I then fetch the config and use the %ip_address%, %subnet%, and %gateway% variables to replace the actual values.  I have copied the data below to show what part of the template looks like that includes those variables. 


stp mode rstp
stp enable
interface NULL0
interface Vlan-interface11
ip address %gateway% %subnet%

ip route-static %gateway%



However when I apply this template to another switch it applys to a point but leaves out the gateway.  If i was to console into the switch i can see that It has correct IP/Mask and there is nothing for the gateway.


Does any one have any experience in this or see anything wrong with my process. I cant really find much to go on.  




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