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The client's vlan show "unknow" on Airwave report

The attachment file is the end user’s WiFi Usage Weekly Report.

You can see there’s some client’s vlan is “unknow”.

I’ve check the client’s vlan is 204 on the controller.

Does anybody knows how to find out the root casuse of this issue?


Airwave version : 7.7.3

Wireless controller's version :



Re: The client's vlan show "unknow" on Airwave report

The weekly report is not a good comparison.  Slightly better is using a 1 hour report (time range: 1 hour ago to now), then compare to the MIB walk.  The best would be to compare the current associated clients to the SNMP MIB walk (viewing the client's tab next to the MIB walk with the VLAN column rearranged into view.  The database rows for the client table are the same that's used to form the reports.


A possible cause could be that during the user's previous association, they were polled prior to their VLAN assignment.  Note that AirWave polls for client data by default at 10 minute intervals (5 min is the fastest SNMP polling interval).  If you're still having issues determining the root cause, open a support case and they can assist you through additional logging functions on the CLI.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Re: The client's vlan show "unknow" on Airwave report

There are 2 primary ways that AirWave gets information about users:


1. SNMP Polling.  AirWave asks the controller to tell us about all the users' VLANS, roles, ip addresses, bandwidth usage, etc.  We usually poll for user data every 5 or 10 minutes, and the level of data we get from this is very detailed.  


2. SNMP Traps.  When users associate, authenticate or roam, a controller can send a trap to an AirWave server.  Traps are great because nearly real-time data is sent to AirWave, but the downside is that the traps don't contain all the data that AirWave wants. 


Today, when AirWave gets a trap, we create a session for the user with the limited data and we attempt to update it on the next poll.  If the user has disconnected by the time we poll, AirWave doesn't know his VLAN (nor any of the other stuff that wasn't in the trap).  If your controllers are sending traps to AirWave, it's almost certainly this behavior that's causing a lot of the users' VLANs to show as unknown in your report.



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Re: The client's vlan show "unknow" on Airwave report

I disable the snmptrap and the issue seens to be solved.

Thanks a lot !!

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