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Trying to remove a unknown VLAN on switch


I tried tagging a port with our vlan 8 - with vlan name: cashregister


Switch171(config)# vlan 8 tagged 26
Dynamic VLANs cannot be configured manually.


When I couldn´t do this I check all my vlans and they are all there on the switch but my vlan 8 has a diffrent name than on all my other switches: vlan name is VLAN8 instead of cashregister.


Switch171# sh vlan 8

Status and Counters - VLAN Information - VLAN 8

Name : VLAN8
Status : Port-based
Voice :
Jumbo : No

Port Information Mode Unknown VLAN Status
---------------- -------- ------------ ----------
8 DEV-PROF Learn Up

Overridden Port VLAN configuration

Port Mode
----- ------------


When I try to remove it, I get: 

Switch171(config)# no vlan 8 tagged 8
Dynamic VLANs cannot be configured manually.


I haven't seen this before so I took a look in the menu and there is no VLAN8 - hmmm!?

===========================- TELNET - MANAGER MODE -============================
Switch Configuration - VLAN - VLAN Names

802.1Q VLAN ID Name
-------------- --------------------------------

I also checked the uplink port from the core switch and it has the vlans on the link to my switch including the needed vlan 8 cashregister that I can't add on any ports. 


I can't figure out where this VLAN8 came from and I can't figure out how to delete it. To my knowledge we have never used any dynamic vlans only static. 


Any advice appreciated! Thank you!



After some searching in forum I found a command to convert dynamic vlans to static but I fail doing this:


Switch17(config)# static-vlan 8
8: VLAN is already static.
Switch17(config)# vlan 8 tagged 26
Dynamic VLANs cannot be configured manually.






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