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Two different networks on two wired interfaces.

Hi! I'm new here. I'm facing an issue I hope you all may be able to assist me with. I believe it all stems from an insufficient comprehension of how Instant AP works. Here goes.


I'm currently investigating usage and configuration of AP-535s, running Instant AP version


In my current test configuration, I have two AP 535s sharing the same config.

Both have 2 ethernet cables going up to them:

  • Port E0 is connected to a trunk port carrying 802.3AT power and several VLANs. Management VLAN is set as native. This is the interface I can access the AP from.
  • Port E1 is connected to an access port on a dumb switch. There is no power.

You might deduce from this config that the switch is not operating at full power. I managed to get around Restricted power mode by enabling IPM and setting priorities for each power step.


What I want to achieve is this:

  • Create SSIDs giving access to the VLANs carried by the trunk port on E0. So far, so good.
  • Create an SSID giving access to the network on E1. I haven't been able to find a working configuration for this so far.

So I'm asking here: Is it possible to broadcast a SSID tied to a network carried by the E1 port? If so, how should I proceed?

I'll be happy to provide all the additional data you may need.


Thank you very much :)

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Re: Two different networks on two wired interfaces.

Can you please specify why you want to build the setup like this? I think you need to reconsider your design and use vlans for seperation.
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Re: Two different networks on two wired interfaces.

We are a R&D center within a corporate environment. Corporation is unable to provide satisfactory network speeds on the corporate network, so our staff mostly use the Internet connection of our neighbor and partner downstairs, with management's approval. But we still use the corporate network since it comes with a bunch of desirable features. Our devs regularly hop between the two networks.


We cannot simply take the neighbor's network and plug it into corporate switches. This is specifically forbidden by IT. So we have to keep the two networks segregated, but we also want to give our users the flexibility of using one network or the other via Wifi, in addition to cable.

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Re: Two different networks on two wired interfaces.

Turn out this is not achievable with a dumb switch.


Using two managed switches, I was able to achieve my goal:

  • Uplink trunk on eth0 carries a set of vlans
  • UIlink trunk on eth1 carries a different, non-overlapping set of vlans

Access to one network or the other is then controlled by changing which vlan is broadcast on any given SSID.

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