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Ugrade Aborted to



Upgraded airwave to and now i don´t have cli or webui. I can only ping my airwave Ip address and access the root cli but error states this:


[root@localhost mercury]#
svn: E155007: '/root/svn/mercury' is not a working copy
[root@localhost mercury]#
svn: E155007: '/root/svn/mercury' is not a working copy
[root@localhost mercury]#
svn: E155007: '/root/svn/mercury' is not a working copy
[root@localhost mercury]#



I know thaat CLI changed but I can´t get airwave up. seems that I am in but no web or cli is working


Any help?




Re: Ugrade Aborted to

Did you grab some backups before attempting the upgrade?


I'd suggest opening a support case since that message means something in the post upgrade clean up didn't happen.  It might also mean something else in the upgrade also had issues.  Check /var/log/upgrade/ for the upgrade log.


The message itself is a red herring, not finding root/svn/mercury isn't a problem since the new main code path should be root/git/mercury (the source code repository was changed from svn to git a few years ago).  But the health of the server should definitely be checked out by a support engineer.


8.2.2 is an tested and approved intermediate upgrade step before going to 8.2.6, so if you wanted to by-pass calling support, you could make sure you have a complete backup image, reinstall, restore the backup, then upgrade to 8.2.2 before going to

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Re: Ugrade Aborted to

Thanks. I will do that intermediate step.


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Re: Ugrade Aborted to



this is expected error message


[root@localhost mercury]#
svn: E155007: '/root/svn/mercury' is not a working copy


We have moved to /root/git/mercury directory in latest 8.2.x codes,better open TAC case before trying intermediate upgrade steps.

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