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Upgrade Airwave 7.2.5



I want to upgrade my Airwave to recent versión, but what is the proccess that i need to follow?, what commands?, what i need to consider 


Airwave: Centos 5.5 x64

Version Airwave 7.2.5


Thanks a lot.

Re: Upgrade Airwave 7.2.5


if you have 64bit version - u should have no issue to upgrade.

just login via ssh to the command line and do the following instruactions: (dont forget its your root user not admin)

Instructions for Upgrading to AirWave 7.6: *you will need a vaild user/password for aruba support site during the upgrade process*


Note: It's alaways good not to do a big verison jumps - You should probably go to 7.3.X or 7.4.X or 7.5.X and than jump to 7.6.2


1. Login to the AMP server as the root user
2. Run the Upgrade Utility with the desired version
# screen
# start_amp_upgrade -v 7.6.2

If your AMP cannot access the internet:

1. Download the AMP 7.6 upgrade package.
3. Copy the file to the AMP's /root directory using WinSCP
4. On the AMP run the Upgrade Utility with the desired version
# screen
# start_amp_upgrade -v 7.6.2
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Re: Upgrade Airwave 7.2.5

Almost there.  You can't directly upgrade from 7.2.5 to 7.6.2 in a single step.  Upgrades are limited and tested for only skipping 1 major release.  The first 2 numbers of the AMP version constitute the major release.  While the 3rd digit represents the patch release number.  The reason for this limitation is changes to the database schema.


First, make sure the current existing hardware is still compatible.  Compare the existing system with the AMP sizing guide posted on the support site.  As you upgrade versions, you're getting additional features, some features require more disk space or memory resulting in the current sizing guide.


If the hardware is still good, then here's the main steps to plan out:

1. collect AMP backups to off server storage

2. AMP Upgrade Step 1 -> from 7.2.5 to 7.4.9

3. AMP Upgrade Step 2 -> from 7.4.9 to 7.6.2

4. OS Upgrade


Though you can do all 3 steps in a single day, I normally don't.  I like to let the upgrade bake in to make sure that I've got a good backup between steps in case of any issues.


If you do choose to do all 3 in the same day, add steps:

2b.  Take an AMP backup, pull it off server (this is a backup of AMP database in 7.4.9 format)

3b.  Take an AMP backup, pull it off server (this is a backup of AMP database in 7.6.2 format)


The steps to upgrade the OS are outlined in this Airheads article:

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Re: Upgrade Airwave 7.2.5

Hi Rob,

Could you please give me some direction upgrade airwave from v.7.4.7 (currently) to latest (7.7.6) latest 02/12/13?something like 7.4.7 > 7.5.0 > 7.6.0 > 7.7.6? The offine upgrade would be a good deal,right ffrom 7.4 to 7.7?





Re: Upgrade Airwave 7.2.5

With the latest features, first thing to check is that the hardware is still compatible as requirements have changed to handle the additional processing load that newer features have introduced.


You've got at least 2 upgrade steps:

1.  Upgrade 7.4.7 to 7.6.6

2.  Upgrade 7.6.6 to 7.7.7 (current release as of 12/02/2013)


This path works as long as you're already on CentOS 6 on 64-bit.

    Check CentOS: # cat /etc/redhat-release

    Check kernel: # uname -i


If you're not on CentOS6, then you might need to consider the following path:

1.  Upgrade to 7.4.9

2.  Take backup of 7.4.9 off-server

3.  Reinstall with 7.4.9 Cent6 64bit

4.  Transfer and restore backup from step2

5.  Upgrade to 7.6.6

6.  Upgrade to 7.7.7

Rob Gin
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Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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