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Upgrade Considerations and Best Practice - Airwave 8.0.9 to

Hello everyone, I am looking to begin the process of upgrading our airwave (AMP) system to the latest code. Currently, we run airwave on a VM. Has anyone done this in the past? I want to be sure there wont be too many config changes that cause the system to crash or not function properly. Is it recommended to upgrade to a different rev (8.1) first and then to 8.2? What considerations should be at the top of the list? Noteably, we do not manage any of our controller configurations or ap configurations from airwave as we are in a master-redundant ( 8 controllers) configuration and use the master controller to handle most of the work. What is the upside to upgrading to 8.2? Other than the CVE that was sent out earlier this week, everything functions (to my knowledge). Just want to see if any ofther community members have jumped off of this bridge yet.


Re: Upgrade Considerations and Best Practice - Airwave 8.0.9 to

I'd recommend doing the upgrade in 2 steps.

1) upgrade to 8.2.0

2) upgrade to 8.2.3*


*an patch is expected later this month


The reason for this is that in early 8.2, we changed the code repository in the background, so this path ensures that the code packages get updated properly. 

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