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Upgrade airwave to

I will need to upgrade my airwave server to a new version Under CentOS 7. I'm sorry but the process is not clear for me...

I Understand that I should first upgrade it to 8.2.10 Under CentOS6 with the upgraed package.

after that take a backup from 8.2.10 version

make a fresh install Under my server of 8.2.10 Under centOS7

restore the backup on 8.2.10.


I just want to be sure that I can upgrade first directly from to 8.2.10. I saw that from 8.2.7 you should first upgrade to 8.2.9 and after 8.2.10. Thanks to confirm.


If you can provide the details of upgrade steps it would be great.





Other question, I saw that we have another 


Re: Upgrade airwave to

Hi Guillebx,


You are correct. Before you can switch to CentOS 7 you need to upgrade your current installation to the latest AirWave version. The reason is quite simple, you can restore a backup only with the same version as it was created. 


So, how to get to the latest version. From your version, this would be a multi-hop approach. You find the information always in the release notes here and all the information below are from the release notes.>>>

I would contact TAC to get this done and to have someone who could help if something goes wrong. 

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Re: Upgrade airwave to

You can go for the upgrade patch mentioned by Florian. However, instead of i would suggest So, that would be>>>

Once we upgrade till we can take a manual backup of the server. Then do a fresh install of, then restore the backup.


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