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Upgrading AirWave 7.5.7 question

We are running version 7.5.7 with CentOS 5.5. How do you go up to the latest that appears when I log into the server (8.0.1)?

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Re: Upgrading AirWave 7.5.7 question

Tech support said you have to go to 7.6.5 (5.5) ->7.6.5 (6.2)->7.7.12. He said it 8.0.1 was available but it was taken down and is being worked on. It should be ready soon. He suggested to go to 7.7.12.

Re: Upgrading AirWave 7.5.7 question

Keep in mind that the OS upgrade step is the tricky part.


Upgrade from 7.5.7 -> 7.6.5 is straight forward

Then you need to take a backup and pull the backup off the server

Reinstall fresh from the 7.6.5 ISO

Restore the backup

Then upgrade to 7.7.12


8.0.3 should be available soon, it's still in testing.

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Re: Upgrading AirWave 7.5.7 question

I followed the steps from tech support. I haveattached them for anyone else that's needs to do this type of upgrade.


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