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Upgrading LAN & Need Spanning Tree Guidance

We are upgrading, and enhancing our LAN in preparation for a rollout of a new EMR system. To accomplish this we have installed 7 Aruba 2930M switches (both 24 and 48-port) Our existing switches were primaily configured  with only 3 VLANs, making the network flat, with very poor communications; lots of collisions, lost packets, and excessive overload. There are two old Adtran switches which have Spanning Tree configured, but, other than that, we have no idea how the network is connected, or configured (no monitoring software, we are testing a couple).


Our new switches are currently connected in a large electronic loop to provide for redundant communications, and to prevent a single point of failure which would result in a denial of service to the hospital. One Aruba will be the central point of connection to the other legacy equipment, then we will link the older switches to the new switches.


How should I configure the Arubas (the 10G Ethernet is connected using CAT6A to the back panel "A" connectors in a continuous daisy chain around the facility) to prevent loopbacks and cross communications?


Thank you

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