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Upgrading wireless controllers/ Using Airwave Visual RF--How to BEST accomplish the task

At present we have m3 controllers and will be replacing all with 7200 controllers. Both sets of controllers are online. In the past we used the RF plan tab on the controller to display all AP group deployments. We have exported the plans to Airwave because the upgrade to no longer has an RF plan tab.  All but one group reside on the existing wireless network. Moving groups where there are no AP changes can be done by changing the AP system profile and the groups should move to the new 7200 controllers, upgrade THEIR code and be done. How do we now go about replacing over 900 AP's, many use the exact same name as the old and some are new adds? You can't provision a new with the same name as the old so do you have to delete from the old controller first, then provision? Then go to Airwave and delete the old AP's from the Visual RF plan, keeping the plan in place to add the newly named (same name) AP's? I read you can use replace hardware in Airwave but it looks like that is for downed AP's. I am sure others have done what I am trying to accomplish with the same scenario. This is a "live" system so we do not have extended outage windows. I am looking for the best way, fastest way to accomplish this task 

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Re: Upgrading wireless controllers/ Using Airwave Visual RF--How to BEST accomplish the task

Please see the thread here:


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