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Urgent - Airwave sample reports - user data / device type



Similar to my Amigopod request, I am in urgent need of some REAL, Airwave data reports showing device traffic as well as any other pertinent reports that may help me show a customer some of the useful reporting (retail environment) available by using AIrwave.


The last box to tick in the process is giving some sample airwave reports that can show useful data on system performance, user throughput, OS MDAC etc and unfortunately we havent any Airwave data reports to show them.


Therefore, I am hoping someone can run some "sample" data reports for me with the view of being able to show them to the customer in order to get buy in to the solution from management.


I havent been able to find or see any "sample" reports anywhere with regards to Airwave and Amigopod (something that hopefully will be included in some brochures soon?) so I am asking here to see if anyone can help me out?


Thanks in advance




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Re: Urgent - Airwave sample reports - user data / device type

You should contact your local Aruba Sales team for help with this. There are many options when it comes to reports in Airwave. Your Aruba Sales team is there to help you "sell" the benefits of Airwave and Amigopod. Use them as a tool to accomplish the goal of selling this to your upper management.


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Re: Urgent - Airwave sample reports - user data / device type

You can contact someone in the Aruba sales team to give you access to our live AirWave demo system. With an account there, you can generate the kind of sample reports you're looking for with real data from Aruba's global network. 

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Re: Urgent - Airwave sample reports - user data / device type

Thanks everyone,


All good, I got access to the Airwave system with a SE here in Aus and ran some sample reports.


Thanks again.


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