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User browsing report in Airwave

Hello everyone,


Is there a way to create a report in Airwave that lists the top 10 destinations visited by each user (or a custom number of users)? I'm currently using Radius to authenticate users in my WLAN, so I can see the info of each individual user, but there isn't a custom report that even comes close to what I would like.


The closest thing I could find was the AppRF report, but it lists only the top 3 applications (you can't even increase or decrease that number) that are most used.

Untitled picture.png


I did some research and couldn't find much info on this. If someone could tell me if it's possible or not to do this, it would be very helpful!



Re: User browsing report in Airwave

I'm not aware of any URL reporting from AP/Controller to Airwave, you'd want to monitor traffic at the edge from a proxy server or your firewall to get the URLs


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Re: User browsing report in Airwave

Yeah, I think that's right. Spent a few hours tweaking with the reports with no luck, ended up calling the support and they were not very helpful.


The good thing is that I have a Sonicwall firewall just for the Wi-Fi, and SGMS as well. I just had to integrate SSO to the Sonicwall (to relate the IPs with the users in the reports) and then I was able to create the report I wanted through SGMS. Could see what each user visited, the browse time they spent on each site, number os connections, etc.