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Using Airwave to setup DHCP server on Aruba MAS

Hi all.


I am trying to setup DHCP server on a bunch of Aruba S3500 switches. I would prefer to do this in Airwave instead of CLI to save myself a lot of work and to prevent Config Mismatches in Airwave.


All switches are in the same group in Airwave, and under Switch Config -> System Features -> DHCP -> Server I have setup four general DHCP Server profiles with Pool IP Address, Pool Mask, Domain Name, Lease Time, DNS Servers, Default Router Addresses and Exclude Addresses.

Since each switch will be in a separate location and have different IP subnets, some of the parameters set for the group will have to be changed by using overrides for each switch. This is where my problem is. I cannot find any override options for Default Router Address and Exclude Addresses for example. The only overrides I can find are Pool IP Address, Pool Mask, Lease Time, Domain Name and Vendor Class Identifier String.

Am I missing something? We are running version on the switches and Airwave version 8.2.1


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