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VisualRF - Duplicate floorplan?

Back in 7.x I seem to remember that I caould duplicate a floorplan to try a redesign, or to use as a start for a new building -- usefull when many of our stores use identical architectural drawings, much faster to move a few walls than to re-draw.


We're preparing to re-do a 950000sqft warehouse and I'd like to copy it and re-design the WLAN (delete the AP60 and AP65 and put in AP205 and 275)


I can't find the trick to duplicating floorplans in 8.x HTML5


Anyone know where the button is?


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Re: VisualRF - Duplicate floorplan?

Matthew, not sure where that option went or if it is coming back.  As an alternative (even if temporary), you can export the existing floorplan.   Rename the existing building (so not to be overwritten) and import the file.   Once imported you can remove all planned APs and start with your new re-design.  

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Re: VisualRF - Duplicate floorplan?

It's one of the features that we weren't able to complete by the time of the new HTML5 redesign.  It's on a list with a few other features that we still want to re-implement.  For now, you can work around by switching back to Flash, duplicating, and then return to HTML5.

Rob Gin
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