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VisualRF: Map & Campus location/address not working

In VisualRF we created a couple of our customer buildings - for visualizing network performance.


But we see a MAP of our country, but the Campusses are not located correctly on the MAP. The campusses are just put on the map,


while setup the information about:

  • latitude
  • longitude
  • address

So how can we make sure they are put on on map at proper location? So it is better to manage, and cusotmers who log in as well see there campus at right location?


Thanks in advance.

Re: VisualRF: Map & Campus location/address not working

Hi Christian,


Checked in my lab, it is not putting in correct location though we entered the lattitude and longitutde details which we get from google map.


Backgroud image is just a MAP, to point out your office location/university campus, we could manually drag and drop the campus in correct location, it will not effect your client location calculation. Make sure, while uploading floor plans , proivde correct floor length/breadth, draw region/walls to get accurate client locations.




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