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What commands will Airwave run on a controller?

I have recently setup TACACS and my service account for Airwave is put in Read only (since it is a service account) but I have since noticed there are at least a few commands around backups that Airwave is no longer able to do. 


encrypt disable > disallowed
no paging > -- command executed successfully
encrypt disable > disallowed
backup flash > disallowed

I am going to allow my Airwave service account to use these commands, but I was curious what other commands it might need to run? I see these daily as part of my backup schedule, figure there may be others?

We do not, and have no intention of ever, mange device configuration via Airwave.


Re: What commands will Airwave run on a controller?

If you ever use AirWave to run live cmds against the controller for debugging, then there might be several show commands that would be run.


You see the list of possible commands on the dropdown 'run cmds' list when you view the controller's monitor page in AirWave.  By extension, there's also run cmd options from the AP level too.

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