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What to do? iMC / Central / AirWave?



We are a bit of a mixed-bag campus, looking at options for single-pane management and monitoring.


We've been using ProCurve Switching since 2007. (about 50 Switches)

We've had HP MSM720 & 20x HP560 APs since 2015. (Still in Prod)

We've just installed 19x Aruba IAPs (315&335) in the Junior School.


We've got PRTG Network Monitoring working for our main core devices, and we have a Basic license to HP iMC, which is installed and full of switches.


Looking to see which is our best option going forward, we are only looking to continue down the aruba path for both switching and wireless.


Any direction would be appreciated.






Re: What to do? iMC / Central / AirWave?

If you're looking for 1 view, AirWave is the way to go.  Central doesn't monitor legacy HP APs.  That said, you're going to want to keep the IMC view in parallel for now since we're working towards building switch support to the level that IMC covers.


It's also worth consulting your Sales / Sales Engineer contact to see if that's their recommended path as well.


The Central path would work if you were to swap out the legacy HP APs for more IAPs.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: What to do? iMC / Central / AirWave?

Thanks Rob!


I've got a conference call today with our local partner and Aruba, so we should be able to sort a solution.



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