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What to use AirWave for?

Learning as I go along.  Am I correct that I want to use AirWave for config settings etc. for controllers and APs, mostly with regard to "wireless" settings (SSIDs, security, etc.) but that controller settings like administrative AAA, SNMP, routing, NTP etc. should be done directly on the controller GUI or CLI?


As some specific examples, right now I have just a local userID/password for CLI and Web access to my controller, and I added snmp-server settings to allow AirWave to discover the controller (which it did).  Should I simply add my AAA config for admin access through the CLI?




Re: What to use AirWave for?

You can use AirWave to configure all the knobs under "All profiles" on the controller. Some of the local config like SNMP, ssh settings are also supported on AirWave.


As for credentials, SNMP is used for monitoring and ssh/CLI is used for configuration. You will need to add the credentials to AirWave whether you are using local admin account or the one from AAA.


Hope that makes sense.



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Re: What to use AirWave for?

How you use Airwave is up to you.  I personally don't use it for any configuration management, I only use it for monitoring.

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Re: What to use AirWave for?

That might be the ticket.  So far I have 50 APs for North America sites and about 8 for 3-4 sites in APAC, with plans for more.  But I don't see this going much over 100-125 APs total, with 4-5 controllers (depending on how the remote thing workks out).  Maybe the whole Global Group-Subscriber Group-AP Group relationships will suddenly seem intuitively obvious but right now it's confusing as heck.



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