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When Managing Instant in AirWave

i need answer for the following scenario,


when instant group being managed by airwave server , by default access to the virtual controller gui will be limited and applying changes to the settings will not be possible , what will happen to the instant when the airwave server will go down , and the instant determine that the airwave server is down .. ?

does the instant VC local gui will be avilable for settings modifications ?

are the IAPs will do reboots?



The Instant primary device sends an update message to AirWave every minute. If the send fails, then the device will continue to send a state message every two seconds. If the send fails 25 times, then Instant will determine that AirWave is down."






Re: When Managing Instant in AirWave


When Airwave server goes down it will loose the connection with the Instant. You should be able to manage the instant directly from the Instant web interface when Airwave looses the connection with Instant. IAPs will not be rebooted.


Hope this answers your query.



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