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Wrong Data

Comparing the data seen on Airwave and the Controller, there is a difference of almost 200 clients. Has anyone seen this before where Airwave shows a significantly smaller number of clients? 

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Re: Wrong Data

Hello, what are the version's of Airwave and controller? did you enable prefer amon v/s SNMP. If yes, you need to make sure, controllers are sending the AMON feed to Airwave, how are the hardwrae resources on Airwave? make sure, there is no connectivity issues or lag etc.





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Re: Wrong Data

Airwave is

Controllers are


How do I check AMON vs SNMP?

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Re: Wrong Data

AMP setup > General page > Additional AMP services, Enable AMON data collection and Prefer AMON vs SNMP polling on AMP will make sure that AMON data collection is enabled and preferred for client data. On controller the AMP IP should be added as mgmt-server ip with a profile.


I would suggest to open a case with TAC, so, TAC can debug and see where the issue. 

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Re: Wrong Data

Enabling this worked. Thanks!

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