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ZTP Airwave / 2930F not configured with template

I try to get a 2930F with 16.03.0003 automatically ZTP configured from an Airwave template.


The switch boots, gets a good amp-server configuration via DHCP, but does not get the configuration from the template.


Checking Airwave i do have the following setting in place:

AMP Setup > General > Automatic Authorization:

Automatically Authorized Switch Mode:Monitor Only + Firmware Upgrades


I assume i have to change this to Manage Read/Write, but what will happen to the switches already configured and in production? They have modified configurations and will not work properly if this will overwrite the config with the template. Or is this option only valid for new devices?

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Re: ZTP Airwave / 2930F not configured with template

So the first thing which has hit me is that this switch was already in Airwave before, and after a try to add the switch manually i got the hint with a message like "Down (Duplicate of device Aruba-2930F-24G-PoEP-4SFP - Both devices report a LAN MAC of 94:18:82:60:55:80)"


After deletion of both device entries and another "erase startup-config" the switch at least shows up in Airwave in the right folder. But still no automatic configuration template provisioning.

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Re: ZTP Airwave / 2930F not configured with template

As nobody seems to be able to help, maybe somebody is interested to read what i found out.


AMP Setup > General > Automatic Authorization > Automatically Authorized Switch Mode: must be set to "Manage Read/Write"


But i still got no template provisioned because:

The "Template firmware version" must match the "Desired Version" in Groups > Firmware

This was wrong, the desired version has no effect. You only need to be patient and should not try to login and configure stuff on the Switch while you wait for the automatic stuff.


Now i also got the template config onto the switch!


But i do still have an issue, as the template amp-server configuration now overwrites my site specific settings from the DHCP server. How can i "conserve" this site specific amp-server settings?


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Re: ZTP Airwave / 2930F not configured with template

The amp-server settings can use variables within the device customization if you "Manage" the device.


Overall this Youtube helps to understand the basics:

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