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airwave and Meraki

Gang, Airwave being agnostic. Can it monitor Meraki APs? What would be the drawback to using AMP with Meraki vs Aruba APs? Do you get better reporting etc if you use Aruba APs in AMP? 


Re: airwave and Meraki

You would get basic up/down and potentially interface information.


Meraki requires a cloud subscription for management and advanced monitoring.

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Re: airwave and Meraki

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Currently Airwave do not support MR series APs. if we add MR series APs, Airwave will show the only status of the AP (Up or Down). 

If any device which is supported by Airwave is added, we can see Number of clients associated, we can handle rouge containment etc.


Currently Airwave will support the following Cisco devices those will get full functionality of Airwave.



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