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airwave managment - deleting local users

I'm playing around with some new controllers and Airwave. I audited the configuration from the controllers into Airwave, but in the changes, Airwave wants to delete the local users accounts on the controller. Is there a reason for this?


Re: airwave managment - deleting local users

Airwave has a confiuration copy in the database to which it compared the controllers.

It will propose changes to the controllers to make them match the stored copy.


You can make it stop mentioning the local settings on each controller in the group configuration page:



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Re: airwave managment - deleting local users


AirWave will have a reference Config and compare it with the Controller existing config. it will notify all the differences. If the device is on the management mode and if you allow, AirWave will over write the controller config with the reference config hence you will loose some of the settings.

to avoid this, wither you have allow the controller to use the local config or you have to download the controller config to AirWave so that both will have the same config.


hope you got more clarity on this.

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