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airwave predefined report - daily network usage report

I am trying to understand pre-defiend report" daily network usage report for all groups, folders and ssid". It is showing that the max bits per second in is only 22 mbps and max bits per second out is 39.39mbps. What is this refering to? the total traffic coming in and going out from the controller?


Re: airwave predefined report - daily network usage report

The network usage report shows the accumulated value of all devices.  Think of 'bits in' as bits sent to the device (controller / AP).  Then 'bits out' would be bits sent from the device (possibly to client or other destination).


In other words:

From a device perspective:

     bits in = client requests, beacon responses

     bits out = responses to clients, beacon probes

From a client perspective:

     bits in = upload / requests

     bits out = downloads


This is oversimplified though since there's other traffic going on in the network, but client traffic is nearly 90% of all traffic.  So you're correct that this report is representing it from the controller's perspective.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: airwave predefined report - daily network usage report

correctly me if i am wrong, i though all wireless traffic will tunnel to the controller 1st before going out. If this statement is true, the report is not correct and the bits in and bits out definatelly more than 40mbps

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