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airwave reports by OS and SSID

I have sucessfully executed a report by OS but it does not, or i do not know how to run a report by OS and SSID.  Also, i cannot put a date range in.  I would like to be able to run a report on OSX devices connected and which SSID they were connected to.  I don't think i care about OSX devices connecting on our Guest SSID.  Any help would be appreciated. 


Re: airwave reports by OS and SSID

You should be able to run a custom report (use Client Inventory).  You'll have the option to choose what OS to report on or you can run it against all.   There is a last SSID options as well.   This will get you OS X devices and what SSID they were on.


If you select "include details about every client" you'll get get some additional information/fields to choose from in column format.....including SSID.    Also, if you selecty "Limit to active devices = Active during report timeframe" you can specify your report start and end times.




You could also try a Client Session report which allows you to specify SSID and OS to run against.



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