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controller/AP adding to Airwave wrong group

so, as a heads up I'm brand-spankin' new to Aruba.


I've just installed Airwave and I'm adding virtual controllers and APs into it.  the vast majority I've had no problems.


i add them from the controller by going to System > Admin and filling in the AirWave section.


for one particular controller I'm having issues. 

For each controller, I fill in the Organization field with the name of the city where the office is located.  On AirWave it creates a group using that name.


For the controller with the issue, it is replacing the controller in an existing group and adding the ap into the existing group.  It isn't creating a new group with the name I am creating.


any tips on addressing this issue?

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Re: controller/AP adding to Airwave wrong group

IAP which you are tyring to add to airwave does this already added to Airwave server? Can you cross check the mac address of both which you are tyring to add and getting replaced.


Airwave will create a new group based on organization you have provided in system>admin, if you have proivded same organization name as first added device it will move to group which created first.

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Re: controller/AP adding to Airwave wrong group

I have successfully added several controllers and APs with no issue.  Just as you described, a new folder/group is created based on what is entered in the "organization" field.


But for this particular issue, I have a controller and AP that is being added to an existing group rather than creating a new group.  I have verified that I am putting a unique entry into the "organization" field but it still adds them into the wrong group.

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Re: controller/AP adding to Airwave wrong group

so after opening a case with TAC, this is resolved.


the virtual chassis keys for two of the controllers were identical.  We modified one of them to make it unique and the issue is resolved.

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