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.dwg and Airwave - Visual RF Plan

Hi all

Looking to import some new office floorplans (.dwg) into our instance of Airwave. There doesn't appear to be an option for this with only the following selections available:


Import Floor Plans From a VisualRF or VisualRF Plan Backup
Import Floor Plans from WCS
Import Floor Plans from Aruba MMS
Import Floor Plans from an Aruba Controller
Import Floor Plans from Aruba RF Plan
Batch Import Floor Plans


Can anyone point me in the direction to where to upload this sort of drawing?





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Re: .dwg and Airwave - Visual RF Plan

You should create the building first, and then right-click on the floor and left-click new floorplan.


The options before are for entire floor plans that were already configured with APs and exported from another application.

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Re: .dwg and Airwave - Visual RF Plan


Its always hidden away somewhere in the big black dark art of Aruba.




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