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how to get alerts on AP down

how i can get alerts when ap go down....i don't have airwave deployed .


Re: how to get alerts on AP down

If you have a syslog server that has the capability of send email alerts you can point the controller to send those syslog messages about AP going down to that server

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Re: how to get alerts on AP down

I would highly recommend you look into airwave or at very least Aruba Central, Aruba central you can trial for 90 days before you purchase.




Honestly from experience if you are starting to get your users complain about AP's being down you need to look at some sort of monitoring either via Aruba Central or Airwave.

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Re: how to get alerts on AP down

thx guys.....can i get the same using HP nnmi monitoring

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Re: how to get alerts on AP down

there are a lot of free SNMP solutions that are available which comes as plug and play. Ofcourse it wont come close to aruba solutions but these are something that you can look at for monitoring a lot more stuff than aruba wifi's. One out of the box solution that have really worked for me is observium.



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