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iMC Clearpass Integration

Hi Alltogether


I'm looking for help with the integration of Clearpass into iMC. First of all: What is the functionality/benefit from it? I know from a presentation that it provides user context. But what does the integration actually benefits?


Second: What are the parameters to fill into iMC under System -> System Settings?

 IP Address*  ok
 UserName* ok
 Password* ok
 Client ID* ??
 Grant Type* ??
 Client credentials (grant_type=client_credentials)  ??
 Client Secret  ??




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Re: iMC Clearpass Integration

Hi Rene,


I can explain the parameters, but from my knowledge there is currently nothing behind this “integration” (until next patch as far as I know).


Client ID is the API client ID you configure in ClearPass to connect to its API, and Grant Type correspond to the type you choose there. Example:



Then, depending on the type, you should have to enter either a shared key or username / password (of course you need first to define a profile in ClearPass (for right management) and a user to associate to this profile).







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Re: iMC Clearpass Integration

This is a placeholder for later versions as imc V7.3E0504 versions does not support Clearpass integration.

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Re: iMC Clearpass Integration

Thank You Inge + Fabien


So, if this is a placeholder by now, what benefits are to come with the integration? At least, as seen from the screenshot, a guest user management or something like that. And besides that? Is there anything yet to know?



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Re: iMC Clearpass Integration

At the moment there is no public information available. Coming with the next patches.

Best Regards

Inge Bias
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Re: iMC Clearpass Integration

Hi Team


Is it possible to perfom an integration with IMC 7.3 (E0506) with ClearPass 6.7.0 101814

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