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leap second 2015 for airwave



Please explain for me about Leap Second issue for AirWave.


I got information from Bulletin: ARUBA-PFB-20150430_Leap_Second



- Airwave 8.0.8 is available for download and will address the leap second.
- Customers who are using NTP will not be affected.
- Customers with older versions of Airwave who do not use NTP can update the tzdata package with this command:
# yum update tzdata\*
- Customers who don't use NTP and don't update the tzdata package will end up with the clock off by a second (assuming it was correct in the first place). We don't anticipate any other side effects.



I think AirWave doesn't know insert Leap Second when NTP is not available on AirWave.

And I think customers who are using NTP will be affected.


Why Bulletin said "Customers who are using NTP will not be affected"?


Thank you.


Re: leap second 2015 for airwave

The extra second is being inserted between the last second of June 30 and the first second of July 1.

If your device (server, workstation, clock, etc) doesn't know about the leap-second, then it won't add the second and your time will be off by one second.


That's the case with older versions of Airwave. Newer versions know about the second and will add it themselves. Or, if you're using NTP, the NTP server will know about the second and pass it to your device and your time will be updated.


Some devices do use NTP, but don't understand the syntax of the leap-second and they might have a problem if they happen to ask the NTP server for the time at exactly the right moment to get the leap-second.


Generally I would expect an NTP request to miss that second and just updte the time like any other request.


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