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"Airwave" and "Controller" clients differ by more than 15%. (컨트롤러와 에어웨이브의 클라이언트 숫자 표시 차이)


우리 고객사에 "Airwave" 버전을 운영하고 있으며,

컨트롤러 7240 3대가 Local 으로 서비스 중입니다.

문제는 "Airwave"에서 클라이언트 숫자가 약 7000명이라면,

Controller에서는 8000명 이상으로 숫자 차이가 발생합니다.

오차율이 너무 많이 발생하는것 같은데.

무엇이 문제일까요?





We are running version of our "Airwave"

Three controllers 7240 are servicing as Local.

The problem is that if the number of clients in "Airwave" is about 7000,

There is a numeric difference of more than 8000 in the Controller.

I think the error rate is too much.

What is the problem?


Re: "Airwave" and "Controller" clients differ by more than 15%. (컨트롤러와 에어웨이브의 클라

Is AirWave set to collect the client data over SNMP or AMON?  This per group setting is a large differentiator for client count.  SNMP is going to be slower to update than AMON.  Also, when you double check Group -> Basic settings, check the polling interval for client data.

Rob Gin
Senior QA Engineer - Network Services
Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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