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scale Airwave VM resources

Can you scale VM server resources as you add additional devices to monitor?


I have a server licensed for 3000 devices, but only 50 added currently. The VM it is on currently does not have enough memory and disk. Can I just add additional resources as I go to match the number of devices monitored?



Re: scale Airwave VM resources

As far as I aware - if it's Vmware,Yes u can.(But u must stop/pause your virtual machine when editing/adding for it resources.



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Re: scale Airwave VM resources

If you're doing this, make sure to leverage the snapshot tool in VMWare.


I've run into an issue in the past where I've had some database corruption when I expanded the disk space.  It could have just been my VM host, but I've chosen since then to follow this path:


1. Create VM instance with as much allocated space as possible.

2. When I get additional resources, first step should be to pull backups from AirWave

3. Then add the new resources

4. Delete current instance, and then create new instance with the increased resource capacity

5. Fresh install (same version that was running on previous instance)

6. Restore backup


It's a longer method, but since I started following these steps, I haven't run into any database corruption.

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Re: scale Airwave VM resources

I'll echo Rob's response -- I've had 60-70% success with just improving resources from the hypervisor, but tose 30-40% of corruption/unhappy installation make the extra work worthwhile.


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