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server specs for air Wave?

looking for a little informaion, I'm trying to build a Server to hold Airwave on but can not seem to find info and spaecs for Server requirments, ie Hardware and what not. anyone out there know?



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Re: server specs for air Wave?

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Re: server specs for air Wave?


I was using that and i got a question for you

For the client per AP it take as baseline 5 clients? really? just 5 clients??

I mean if i put 10 clients per AP that considered as high client count per ap??

so just putting 10 clients per ap that will double all my requirements???

i mean i just put 10 AP that are being monitored and 10 clients per ap , using AMON and high mobility.

this is the recommendation:


Your AirWave server recommended sizing:

* Recommended CPU PassMark score is 10602

* Recommended memory is 13GB

* Recommended disk IOPS capacity is 3333

* Recommended disk space is 275GB


Really 13 GB ram ???

I just find this odd... :/




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