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signal strenght in report

i'm currently working as an intern at a local school and they asked me to make a report on how many students are in a classroom at certain times using the ap in said room. now i was hoping to be able to include signal strenght in the report to use it to be able to determin who is connected to the ap from outside the classroom. is there any way to include it in a report or is this only available in the user page?

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Re: signal strenght in report



Device summary report provide list of clients connected to AP but it wont show the Avg singnal quality of AP.


We need to run clients session report which proivde singal quality/DBM of AP but data is based on session, it wont show per AP based.

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Re: signal strenght in report

Do they have airwave? If yes, I think there is a biult in report that could help you.

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Re: signal strenght in report

i've been told that through the api you can get client id and the signal strenght in a single querry so i'm probably going to be using that and then parsing the info into a sql database thanks for the replies

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